"Garth Greenwell has the keys to the kingdom.
And he's using them." 
―Alexander Chee

"The publishing sensation of the year." 
―BBC Arts

"With What Belongs to You, American literature is richer by one masterpiece. The character Mitko is unforgettable, as all myths are. He reigns at the heart of this book, surrounded by the magic flames of desire." ― Edmund White

"There's a particular joy in reading Garth Greenwell, in having that feeling, precious and rare: here is the real thing." ― Claire Messud

"In this spare, haunting novel, Garth Greenwell takes a well-known narrative and finds new meaning in it. What Belongs to You is a searching and compassionate meditation on the slipperiness of desire, the impossibility of salvation, and the forces of shame, guilt, and yearning that often accompany love, rendered in language as beautiful and pure as poetry." ― Hanya Yanagihara

"What Belongs to You is a rich and sensually detailed exploration of love and obsession. A haunting, beautiful novel." ― Rabih Alameddine

"Garth Greenwell is a unique, and uniquely welcome, voice in American letters. The consciousness on display in his debut novel is so rich and restless that it seems practically inexhaustible: a consciousness that rises to heights of both passion and intellect―ofpassion harnessed by intellect. What Belongs to You very much seems to me not only like a great novel but like the first installment in a great body of work." ― Kevin Brockmeier

"In prose that is at once refined and lavish―the quiet dignity and control of Ishiguro’s Remains of the Day coupled with the agonized passion and sexual tension of André Aciman’s Call Me by YourName―Garth Greenwell takes us deep inside a specific Bulgarian subculture to examine the universal: the disparity between the uninhibited lives we desire and the bearable lives we choose. I began reading What Belongs to You in admiration; I ended in tears. An exquisite debut." ― Jamie Quatro

"I am in awe of this book. So intimate, so honest, so exquisitely crafted, it broke my heart and left me in tears. It showed me a Bulgaria both familiar and entirely novel, rendered with candor and deep affection; and characters, whose plight and desires at first seemed foreign yet, before long, so dear. Garth Greenwell has written a marvelous book; an important book―one whose impact is as much artistic as it is cultural. What Belongs to You expands not simply the world of letters, but also our collective knowledge of what it means to be human." ― Miroslav Penkov

"What Belongs to You is a beautiful, moving, sensual novel. It announces Garth Greenwell as one of America’s most exciting young writers." ― Jonathan Lee

"I don't usually like to say these things, but Garth Greenwell is a remarkable new talent.” ― Amie Barrodale, VICE